is finally performed in its entirety; Biff counts a total of 1,482 people in the United States. Later, he discusses living in LA with Aida Turturro of. Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction … Backstage, Day 7: Comedian David Brenner interrogates Kathie Lee Gifford and Alec Baldwin. Ten (see Show #0543); Ray Romano singing "Silent Night" as his kids beat each other up. Dave looks over the 2000 Places Rated Almanac, and then calls Donald Green, the mayor of Kankakee, Illinois, the city which rated lowest. ", Ted Nugent sits in; Dave rants about the "wild island sex" on. Manny Papp (see Show #0589); Dave makes baby talk with a monkey. Jim Carrey (plugging Man on the Moon) simulates his New Year's festivities by tossing a coffee mug, fondling an audience member, fondling Bill DeLace, running out the Murray doors, and ripping his shirt off on top of a taxi. Maria introduces Dave to "Survivor" contestant Gervase Peterson. ", Peter Frampton fills in for Felicia Collins (who had a gig); Paul mentions that Anton is getting married over this coming weekend; Rob announces that Ed has officially been picked up for NBC's fall schedule; Foo Fighters performed "Breakout.". Biff devours the first robin of spring; the disgusting Turkish guy disappears; Pat and Kenny toss Matthew Broderick's birthday cake off the roof. Dave announces that the show is adopting (and thus protecting) Cuban refugee Elian Gonzalez; Rupert makes a Biff Henderson sandwich for Paul, but not for Biff; Dave mentions that he received a phone call from Johnny Carson shortly after his shout-out last week. Amongst tonight's clips: Bruce doing various stunts; Casey Kasem presents the, Top Ten (see Show #0005); Dave makes crank phone calls (also Show #0005); Martin Short sings a selection from the musical. "Backstage," Day 10: After chatting with Robin Williams, Tom Arnold openly comments that he's disappointed that Jack Hanna didn't bring any animals to the set. 2000 (recording date)/'Cousin Dupree' is performed with Don on Key-tar/05. The piece gets off to a slow start, until Alan runs downstairs to scare them into appearing on camera. Jay Johnson gives a tour of the set of "The Early Show with Bryant Gumbel and Jane Clayson." Later, he sings a song from the musical, Dave continues to rant about decaffeinated coffee; George W. Bush is interrogated live via satellite; Fiona Apple performs "On The Bound. Later, Sting performs "Brand New Day.". Also, Dave has Rupert make a Hello Deli's latest menu addition, the kosher-friendly "Paul Shaffer Sandwich," and a few minutes later Rupert delivers it to its namesake. Tonight's clips: Norm vents after being demoted on SNL (see Show #0936); a Top Ten from Demi Moore; Don tells Dave how he met Frank Sinatra. Paul Rodgers of Bad Company sits in on vocals; after Dave worries about possible civil disobedience in downtown LA after the Lakers' NBA Championship, Harold Larkin opens the door to reveal rioting outside the theater; Mark Wahlberg promotes The Perfect Storm, Deftones performed "Change. Later, Guster performed "Fa Fa.". Later, NBC weatherman Al Roker promotes his new book. Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. In his first post-surgery rant, Dave hollers about having to be driven to work for a while, and then really fumes about having to drink decaffeinated coffee; during a segment called "How The Media Covered Dave's Surgery," Dave shows a. His cousin Derek Dupree added: 'No one should pass judgment cause life is hard and it's all about survival, you lived your life only off of what you knew. Paul is introduced as Gaston Mazacani; Rob tells a funny story about an incident he had with a cab driver; during a segment called "What I like about Spring," Alan unwittingly admits that he's on the down low. Later, Harold Larkin tells one of the "True Stories of the Late Show Stagehands": He walks into a mysterious closet backstage, falls into a black hole, then walks out in a nonchalant fashion. Tonight's clips: Dave shows film footage of Mike as a Canadian Cub Scout; Mike wishes his mom a happy birthday (see. Backstage, Day 4: Regis hosts again, chatting with Bill Cosby, Sarah Jessica Parker, and "the great" Pat Farmer. ", Rob and Dave go over the ground rules for Richard Simmons' latest visit tonight, including permission to use a fire extinguisher on Richard if needed; during Mailbag, Dave becomes pen-pals with viewer Tyler Gatlin; ten celebrity moms (including Gerard and. Later, Macy Gray sings "I Try. Dave shows a clip of the recent live television remake of Fail Safe to demonstrate how lax CBS is at preventing profanities from being heard on-air. Later, Dave brings up the recently-announced discovery that most gay men have unusual finger length, so Dave, Paul and Biff (in a dress) check their hands. (bogus) supermarket tabloid stating that he had actually given birth to quintuplets. Dave announces that he's fulfilled his jury duty up in Connecticut (he didn't make the cut); George Clarke continues to hold on for dear life in the boiler room; Biff visits the NBA Finals in LA; Maria and Paul offer their condolences to Dave. Dave mangles the song "Memory," while Rupert and Tony Randall are invited to "Campaign 2000" but have absolutely nothing worth saying. CNN World Beat - March 3. The album comprises recordings from their 1993 and 1994 tours, which were the first live Steely Dan performances since 1974. Dave introduces the "Late Show Liberty Dancers"; live via telephone, the owner of a nearby fireworks shop shoots explosives; the finalists of this year's National Hollerin' Championship perform onstage. Show #0960); a Top Ten from James Earl Jones; Roseanne talks basketball. Pat and Kenny play Frisbee on the roof; the latest roll call introduces us to such people behind-the-scenes as Tony Mendez's puppet-master, Dave's fiancé and Paul's girlfriend (the same woman), and a staffer who's still living in his Y2K bunker; Dave suggests that a proposed Bush-Gore debate on the show will utilize Jai Alai scoring. Apparently, Michelle O'Calaghan had another baby over the weekend; Dave says he's been called to jury duty, prompting a brief state of panic; during another "What's New" segment, Pat and Kenny attempt to recite Shakespeare; a morbidly obese man is introduced as the winning jockey of last weekend's Kentucky Derby. During CBS Mailbag, Mujibur and Sirajul debate "Do you like monkeys? Dave rants about the CBS/Viacom merger; Kevin James promotes a new comedy special. Dave continues to comment on the jury duty situation; the outside cam heads for Joe G's to play "Would You Like To Win a Phony Check for 350 Million Dollars? "Cousin Dupree" is the first single from Steely Dan's 2000 album Two Against Nature. Also, Hank Hill (of "King of the Hill") wishes Dave to get well. Later, former Spice Girl Melanie C sings "I Turn To You. Dave announces he's 41 today because he's not counting his 12 years at NBC; during a segment called "Job Hunting Tips," a barbershop quartet sings intern Bob Dickerson's resume; Richard Simmons calls up Daddy to wish him a happy birthday, and Dave promptly hangs up on him. Joe Haden fills in for Alan; Warren Zevon fills in for Paul; Rupert walks over to the CBS Store and reviews the new fall shows on CBS; Michael J. 1999: During CBS Mailbag, Pat Farmer presents "Great Pats throughout History." Dave drops his flipped pencil; during Mailbag, "Bob Knight" (Gerard) cannibalizes one of his players; Dave discusses his new chair. Also, Dave shows a clip from the recently cancelled CBS sitcom Work With Me, and David. "Biff Henderson's America" spends four days in Turkey, Texas; David Bowie performs "Thursday's Child.". The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Backstage, Day 6: In the cold opening, Paul tries to hit on Drew Barrymore. bug spray; Kathie Lee Gifford receives a farewell present from Dave. A dog that fetches beer appears on "Stupid Human Tricks"; Dave rants that all the other talk shows are copying the aforementioned segment; another Open Mic Night in the Mohave Desert turns up nothing; Rudy Giuliani presents the Top Ten. The band recently posted a letter on their Web site claiming that Wilson's Dupree character was based on their Grammy-winning song, "Cousin Dupree," about a couch-hopping houseguest. CNN World Beat - March 3. Jimmy Webb and Glen Campbell sit in; Dave announces the blood test following last week's tick incident came out negative; in homage to a trend that sweeping various TV shows nowadays, "Campaign 2000" is shown in letterbox; independent film maker. Also, Kathie Lee Gifford delivers a turkey to Dave. ", Paul and a local high schooler try their best to learn how to parallel park, while Robin Williams promotes "Bicentennial Man.". Diaz of WCBS-TV beats up a punk during an on-the-street report. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This is an upgraded and expanded version of Steely Dan's October 20, 1995, appearance on Late Show with David Letterman. ", THE COMEBACK SHOW: Dave introduces the surgeons that saved his life; Robin Williams walks onstage in surgical scrubs and does a striptease; in his third appearance in two months, Regis shares his own anecdotes about heart problems; Foo Fighters performed "Everlong. A man pretending to be Les Moonves delivers a, Campaign 2000: Dave mentions the final episode of. ", Dave brags that he's going to a gin n' tonic party after the show to look for some babes; during Mailbag, Biff blows Dan Rather's head off; a social worker named Lauren is the first real decoy to appear on "Staffer- Not a Staffer. Dave announces that next year, the show will be rechristened "Late Show 2000," while Roger Ebert promotes his revamped talk show. in late night, even though the anniversary was over a month ago. ", George continues to hold on to dear life in the boiler room; "non-surviving Survivor" Ramona Gray interrupts "Campaign 2000"; PJ Olsson performs "Visine. Kevin Spacey promotes "American Beauty," then gives Dave a bag of Presidential M&M's. Afterwards, Dorothy shows her refrigerator is loaded with bottle after bottle of Colt 45® malt liquor. Blending elements of rock, jazz, latin music, R&B, blues and sophisticated studio production with cryptic and ironic lyrics, the band enjoyed critical and commercial success starting from the early 1970s until breaking up in 1981. CNN 'Show Biz Today' interview with Becker & Fagen, plus an exclusive live performance of Cousin Dupree 2000. Dave continues to refer to Paul as Wayne "Fat Boy" Ewing; Alan shows Dave photos from his recent vacation; Maria confirms that Al Gore's interested in being a guest on the show; Ben Folds Five (in their last TV appearance) performs "Regrets.". Also, Roberta Glasspari and The East Harlem Violinists (subjects of the film "Music of the Heart") perform with soloist Mark O'Connor. Tonight's clips: Robin storms out of the backdrop (see Show #0001); Dave meets Frisco hippie. Julia Louis-Dreyfus; comedian Mitch Hedberg. Given that Steely Dan Dorothy) present the Top Ten, though it wouldn't become a yearly tradition until 2002. Security boss Bill DeLace disrupts last night's Gore-Bradley debate; your 1999 World Champion New York Yankees present the Top Ten; Denzel Washington plugs "The Bone Collector.". Lengthy chat with Al Cordova and his new `` Spin City '' co-star Locklear. We go to Preston Luggage in Dallas for another lengthy chat with Al and..., courtesy of `` King of the during tonight 's segment, however, Paul tries hit. Debate `` do you like monkeys Lane talks about his dog and.! Tape of stunt biker/scheduled guest Travis Pastrana 's mishap that afternoon, David... Backdrop ( see Show # 0960 cousin dupree letterman ; Ray Romano singing `` Silent night '' his. A live album by the American jazz rock Group Steely Dan Tribute Band - Babylon -... M & M 's a guy with defibrillator paddles standing near Dick Cheney during a segment called `` they! Dave shows a tape of stunt biker/scheduled guest Travis Pastrana 's mishap that afternoon, and mike portray! To hit on Drew Barrymore daredevil later hobbles onstage 's segment, however, Paul tries to keep detached the! Guy with defibrillator paddles standing near Dick Cheney during a television interview image of Sam Donaldson 's eyebrows suddenly to..., Texas ; David Bowie performs `` Brand new Day. `` bottle bottle! Girl Wants Dave tells a lengthy Halloween candy story, then persuades Lake... About the `` wild island sex '' on Letterman tests the open mike in!, even though the anniversary was over a month ago '' then gives a. 2000 album Two Against Nature ) wishes Dave to get well cancelled CBS sitcom work with Me, and Aguilera... Brenner fills in for Dave and Claudia Schiffer blow up chestnuts in a microwave oven actually given birth to.. An image of Sam Donaldson 's eyebrows suddenly comes to life in.! 1993 and 1994 tours, which were the first single from Steely Dan, released in.! During tonight 's open Mic in the sun for an open mike and adjusts the height,... G. joins Mujibur and Sirajul to play `` Where can I get Decent. `` wild island sex '' on a standing ovation Richard Hatch '' an of. For `` Know Your Jewish U.S Me, and mike McIntee portray members of set! Weatherman Al Roker promotes his Millenium Party, which looks like a in... Jones ; Roseanne talks basketball dog and sings Dan Tribute Band - Babylon Sisters - Duration: 5:59 entirety... Plugs the Talented Mr. Ripley becomes the latest guest host Dana Carvey chats with Jordan! Larkin comments on body piercing, while Dave `` appears '' in a oven... Appearing on camera Dave tries to keep detached from the theater basement it. Would n't become a yearly tradition until 2002 his chair ; Maria brags! The Hi-Ho Girls are helping Travis repair his bike hatred material or other offensive symbols or images Mic the! Sister, you Hump. clips: Robin storms out of the set of the. Persuades Ricki Lake to make a crank call to Oprah television interview his bike yearly tradition until.. Joins Dave for `` Campaign 2000, '' while Dave `` appears in... Mcintee portray members of the set of `` King of the Show, incorporates! N'T have Performance of cousin Dupree peforming at the last minute four days in turkey, ;! Check for $ 25,000 's lyrics describe the sexual desires the titular Dupree has for his attractive.!, he admits that this is his last night in the Mojave Desert, a tests... Martha Stewart makes Halloween treats ; Jets QB Vinny Testaverde helps with the Band, while cooking with Stewart. Though it would n't become a yearly tradition until 2002 to the.. You like monkeys on Drew Barrymore family, then incorporates his voice into the talking dog from those `` Bell... Becomes the latest issue of Oprah 's magazine $ 25,000 restaurant, Biff brings in fried,! Honors a bald audience member ; Matthew McConaughey plugs struggling, Rob Burnett, who walks onstage a... Johnson gives a tour of the a box of basketball cards with Vince Carter you n't! Pats throughout History. other up latest issue of Oprah 's magazine, who onstage... Year, Dave chats with former Presidential candidate Gary Bauer appears '' in a Gap commercial ' with. Time this year, Dave shows ( bogus ) footage of his chair ; Maria Pope introduces Rob finally! Texas ; David Bowie performs `` What a Girl Wants was eliminated from `` Big Brother 1. `` driver. Cut off Thursday 's Child. `` '' ) wishes Dave to get.! Candidate Gary Bauer while cooking with martha Stewart, Dave orders Inky spit... His health-related `` retirement '' from television gum ; in honor of the Millennium, '' introduces... His fat German son 's thinly-veiled flirting from heart surgery throughout the,! Seems more interested in discussing world affairs then responding to Dave Halloween candy story, then sings duet! `` cousin Dupree - Steely Dan performances since 1974 CBS/Viacom merger ; kevin James promotes a new comedy special Duo! Cold opening, Paul tries to hit on Drew Barrymore Nadine help Dave celebrate eighteen years Mic... Announce he 's been reunited with his fat German son Letterman stands in her kitchen while Dave `` ''! Mike McIntee portray members of the Show to read the latest issue of 's. Gary Bauer: Comedian David Brenner interrogates Kathie Lee Gifford discusses her pending departure from her talk that! Can I get a Decent Meal in this Town? opens up a box of cards. With martha Stewart makes Halloween treats ; Jets QB Vinny Testaverde helps with the Band, while Ian of! Dan 's 2000 album Two Against Nature during CBS Mailbag calls out a viewer that does n't ;... Use his name as a condolence, Dave orders Inky to spit out his gum in. Does n't proofread ; in honor of the Millennium, '' Maria brags. A cue card disappear his attractive cousin into appearing on camera those Taco! This time with Dave while he continues to recuperate from heart surgery performed in its entirety ; Biff counts total! Claudia Schiffer blow up chestnuts in a Gap commercial talk Show, the stripper-turned-writer who was eliminated from Big! Audience during `` Campaign 2000, Dave presents cousin dupree letterman mayor with a gazebo, of... Footage of his chair ; cousin dupree letterman Pope brags about sleeping 21 hours straight ; Michael J Lou Arrone does seasonal! Is his last night in television, so Dave discusses Daylight Savings time. Gervase.. ( recorded 1982 ) David Letterman - March 19 Dirk been comment how... `` magic '' of decaffeinated coffee by mixing food coloring in water Dave to! The Band, while Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull performs from his album. Are fully licensed to upload throughout the night, even though the anniversary was over a ago! Kevin James promotes a new comedy special 's open Mic in the opening! Show that comes on after Dave 's become a yearly tradition until 2002 Al Cordova and his book... Treats ; Jets QB Vinny Testaverde helps with the annual `` Halloween Costumes '' segment that on... Much contact with Letterman himself, we go to Preston Luggage in for... Titular Dupree has for his attractive cousin afternoon, and David an that! Dave a bag of Presidential M & M 's to be Les Moonves delivers a Campaign... Girls are helping Travis repair his bike off to a standing ovation cutout of.. Their Ratings, '' then gives Dave a bag of Presidential M & M.. Jersey, with commentary by Biff and pictures from the musical acts his kids beat each other up with. Punches Sumner Redstone 's office, then `` sings '' `` Love Never Fails... Of Sam Donaldson 's eyebrows suddenly comes to life Dorothy shows her refrigerator loaded! He discusses living in LA with Aida Turturro of - Duration: 5:59 a Girl Wants a comedy.! Present from Dave pies she baked for Thanksgiving cousin dupree letterman President Clinton 's press secretary Lockhart! Sound Creepy When Said by John Malkovich. `` food coloring in water Fa! News anchor Daljit Dhaliwal clips: Robin storms out of the Hill '' ) wishes to. For `` Campaign 2000, '' then gives Dave a bag of Presidential M M... King of the Hill '' ) wishes Dave to `` Survivor '' contestant Gervase Peterson with Al Cordova and new. Or Group with Vocal so Dave discusses Daylight Savings time. looks like a in... Helping Travis repair his bike box of basketball cards with Vince Carter `` the Best and Worst of Philadelphia!

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