Satyabama fights and kills Narakasura. The Pandavas find Draupadi. Drona accepts Dhristadyumna as a disciple. Takshaka and the Nagas are unhappy, but Vasuki grants permission for the Pandavas to stay in Khandavaprastha. Shakuni and Dushasana go to meet the asura Mooka. Raj Shah. Bheema kills Vanjikodi and her five sons. Shikandi goes after Bheeshma but Shakuni sends Ulooka to intervene. Bheema kills sixteen of the Kauravas. Susharma and the shamshastakas goad Arjuna to fight them and pull him away from the main battle. Vidura tells Sulabha that the Pandavas are alive and that Draupadi was won by Arjuna. Ashwatamma kills Neela. Veda Vyasa dictates the Mahabharatha to Lord Ganesha. Karna gets off the chariot to pull the wheel out of the ground. Krishna and Balarama defeat Chanura and Mushtika. Bankrolled by Swastik Productions Pvt Ltd, this 2013 series was India's first TV series made on a budget of Rs 100 Crore. Vijay TV Mahabharatham, Vijay TV SHIVAM, SUN TV Ramayanam, Raj TV Jai Shri Krishna, Asianet TV Mahabharatham, Star plus Mahabharat,Jai Veera Hanuman, Kailasanathan, Jodha Akbar, Madhubala, Iru Malargal, Idhu Kadhala, En Kanavan En Thozhan Tamil TV Serial HD Print DVDs Buy Online Free Home Delivery All Over India all States contact 9843360513 Bheema kills Alambusha. Karna uses the Shakti astra on Ghatotkacha. Kuchela's house transforms into a palace and his poverty-ridden life comes to an end. Shakuni tells Mooka to kill Arjuna for the benefit of the asura race. He tells Shulakarna the curse will be lifted only after Shikandi's death. Duryodhana appoints Shakuni to play in his stead. Shakuni plots to use the asura Kirmira to kill the Pandavas. The enraged ghost consumes Kalmuni. Krishna goes in search of Rishi Sandipani's son. Dhurvasa asks for Kunti's help in performing his yajna. Bheema and Ashwatamma clash. The third day of battle comes to a close. Arjuna rains arrows on Bheeshma. Bheeshma and Vidura meet Kunti and the Pandavas and inform them of the decision. Bheema kills Jarasandha. Shakuni asks Dushasana to go to Varanavata to find out the truth about the Pandavas. Drona lays down arms and starts meditating on the battlefield. Jayadratha stops the other Pandavas from following Abhimanyu into the Chakra formation. Banumathi goes to the Pandavas for help. Bheema breaks Duryodhana's thighs in the mace fight. Karna defeats Sahadeva. A brahmin from Vidharba brings a message from Rukmini to Krishna. But Drona refuses to do so. Krishna asks Bheema to kill as many Kauravas as possible. Dhirithrastra instates Yudhishtra as crown prince. Abhimanyu captures Lakshmana. The fourth day of battle begins. Ambika and Ambalika decide to join Satyavathi in vanaprastha. Jarasandha and Sishupala get invites to the swayamvara. The tenth day of battle begins. Krishna carries off Rukmini in a celestial vehicle. Krishna and Balarama go with Akrura to Mathura. Labels: Mahabharatham Tamil Full Episode. Bheema kills the Upakeechakas also. Karna receives the Nagastra. Kali blesses Iravan saying that his head would be alive for the rest of the war enabling him to see the rest of the war. Rukmini wants to marry Krishna but her brother Rukmi wants her to marry Sishupala. Duryodhana and Arjuna go to Dwaraka to ask Krishna for support. Vyasa asks Bheema to marry Hidimbi. Satyavathi asks Bheeshma to practice Niyoga with Ambika and Ambalika, but he refuses. Kanaka imprisons Purochana in his own room. Arjuna destroys the armour using a divine weapon and defeats Duryodhana. Arjuna faces Bheeshma. The twelfth day of battle begins. Dushasana fights Satyajit. The Pandavas and Kauravas meet to lay down the rules for combat. Shakuni asks Duryodhana to bring Karna into battle the next day. Ganga starts killing their sons but is stopped from killing the eighth. Keechaka is found dead. Watch latest and full episodes of your favourite Asianet TV shows online on Disney+ Hotstar, the one-stop destination for popular Asianet serials & reality shows online Draupadi asks Keechaka to come to the dance hall at night. Vidura gives them a warning, veiled as advise. Somadutta meets Duryodhana, Dushasana and Shakuni. Vidura reaches Kampilya. Dushasana is captured by the Gandharva. Bheema comes to Yudhishtra's aid and breaks Drona's chariot with his mace. Bheeshma is chosen as the Kaurava commander-in-chief and Dhristadhyumna is chosen as the Pandava commander-in-chief. Shakuni implants the idea of going to the forest in Pandu's mind, so that Dhirithrastra can rule the kingdom. The Pandavas leave Ekachakra. The Pandavas turn up for the swayamvara dressed as brahmins. Jarasandha's son Sahadeva asks Krishna for help. The eighth day of battle begins. The Pandavas meet Kunti and Vidura and ask Kunti to leave Hasthinapura, but she refuses. Bheema kills Vikarna. Arjuna meets Ekalavya. Shakuni asks Dhirithrastra to meet a brahmin named Kanika. With Bharathkumar, Amit Bhargav, Devipriya, Durga. Mahabharat is a 2013 Indian mythological television series based on the Sanskrit epic Mahabharat. Krishna goes to meet Shakuni. Duryodhana insults rishi Maitreya and rishi Maitreya curses him for his arrogance and ego saying that he will be killed by Bheema. Vidura invites Yudhishtra and the Pandavas to Hasthinapura but warns them of evil intentions. Drishtadhyumna beheads Drona. Drupada goes in search of Yaja and Upayaja. Download the Bible, The Holy Quran, The Mahabharata, and thousands of free pdf ebooks on Buddhism, meditation, etc. Krishna is born. Krishna asks Arjuna to request Duryodhana to give him the five arrows in the name of Yudhishtra. Drona gives the order to change the formation to Chakra formation. Sahadeva kills Ulooka and Shakuni. Amba meets Bheeshma at Hasthinapura and asks him to marry her. Susharma attacks Virata on one front. The Pandavas reach Hasthinapura. The fifth day of battle begins. They decide to perform the Raudragini yajna. Shalya explains his reasons for wanting to participate in the swayamvara. Kanaka informs Vidura that most people want the Pandavas to rule Hasthinapura. The ninth day of battle comes to a close. Sahadeva asks them to do so on the next Amavasya. Asianet Sthreedhanam Mon - Fri| 09:00 PM. Shakuni makes plans to usurp the wealth of the Pandavas. Satyavathi asks Bheeshma to abduct the princesses of Kashi. Dwaraka is created. Devavrata meets Dasharaj and brings Matsyavathi home after taking a terrible vow. The invitation for Abhimanyu's marriage reaches Hasthinapura. The Pandavas and Draupadi go to the palace at Kampilya. Dushasana visits Matsya and enquires if the Pandavas are hiding there. Krishna returns Rishi Sandipani's son to him and his wife. Watch Mahabharath - Malayalam Mythology serial on Disney+ Hotstar now. Sulabha informs Kunti of Bheeshma's fall. A spy brings news to Duryodhana that the Pandavas have devised a plan to kill Drona in battle. Vyasa shows Bheeshma a glimpse of the future. Arjuna joins the rest of the Pandavas in the forest. Shakuni and Duryodhana ask Dhirithrastra for permission to kill the Pandavas. Sahadeva finds the hidden meaning of the message. Dhristadyumna finds out that Arjuna won Draupadi at the competition. Bheeshma meets Ganga before the battle. Parashurama asks Bheeshma to either accept Amba as his wife or fight with him. With Harish Bhimani, Nitish Bharadwaj, Mukesh Khanna, Gajendra Chauhan. Karna returns victorious from his conquests. Shakuni asks Bheeshma to light lamps in memory of the Pandavas. Virata fights Kripacharya. Rukmi arranges Rukmini's marriage with Sishupala. Karna tries to join the battle, but Bheeshma refuses the offer. Yudhishtra curses all womankind. Ashwatamma gives up the jewel on his forehead. Kunti goes to meet Karna. Krishna takes the Karpaga vriksha to Earth with him in return for defeating Narakasura. Shikandi's bride finds out she has married a woman. The Pandavas go after Ashwatamma. Dhristadyumna informs Draupada that Draupadi is with the Pandavas. Mahabharatham is more than a story that gives lessons and guides us … Kunti asks Karna to join with the Pandavas, but he refuses to do so. Bheeshma flies into a rage. Duryodhana performs the last rites of Lakshmana. Kusela comes to Dwaraka to meet Krishna on the insistence of his wife. As no girl comes forward to marry him Krishna dresses as a woman and appears as the bride for Iravan. Yudhishtra sends Bheema after Satyaki and Arjuna. Yudhishtra requests Krishna to go on a peace mission to Hasthinapura. Bheeshma gives up his life during Uttarayana. Shakuni makes plans to win over Shalya. Asianet have added some latest malayalam films to hotstar service.Pulimurukan, swarnna kaduva, action hero biju, 2 countries, oppam etc now available through this service. Dhirithrastra convenes the court to decide on whether to give back Indraprastha to the Pandavas. Dhristadyumna and Draupadi are born, followed by a celestial occurrence seen by all. Yudhishtra and Krishna meet Bheeshma and ask him for a way to kill him. Susharma and the Shamshastakas take on that task. Boorishravas intercepts Satyaki. Keechaka identifies the Pandavas and Draupadi. Yudhishtra fights Vikarna. Kunti asks Vidura to start proceedings for crowning Yudishtra heir apparent. Devesh Ahuja is an upcoming television child actor who has acted in a number of mythological or fantasy serials which had been very popular on Indian television. Draupada informs the rishis that his wife does not support his venture. Abhimanyu and Uttaraa are married. Draupada receives word of Vidura's visit. The kshatriyas try to prevent Draupadi from leaving with a brahmin. Duryodhana, Dushasana and Shakuni make plans to go to the forest and make fun of the Pandavas. Duryodhana and Dushasana wait on Rishi Dhurvasa. Dhirithrastra advises Duryodhana to give back Indraprastha to the Pandavas, but he refuses. Amba meets Satyavati, Ambika and Ambalika. Shakuni explains to Dushasana the reason behind compelling Karna to participate in Draupadi's Swayamvara. Draupada takes Dhristadyumna and Draupadi to meet Rishi Yaja. Vishwakarma is asked to create Dwarakapuri. Uttara's and Shwetha's final rites take place. Duryodhana then sends Dushasana to bring Draupadi to the court. Dhrishtadyumna and Drona clash, while Draupada engages Ashwatamma in battle. Kamsa kills Devaki's second issue. Kunti meets Gandhari. Banumathi gives birth to Lakshmana and Lakshmi. As Bheeshma falls on a bed of arrows, Amba's revenge is realized. The Pandava army is in a bird formation. The seventh day of war begins. Arjuna and Uloopi's son Iravan joins the Pandava ranks. Abhimanyu is grown-up. Dhaumya tells the rest of the Pandavas that they are equally to blame for the game of dice. Arjuna meets Yudhishtra in his tent. Shikandi permanently becomes a man. Total downloads so far: 24231. Asianet ... Deivamagal Tamil Serial Mon - Sat| 08:00 PM. Bheeshma decimates the Pandava forces. Somadutta holds back Satyaki while Boorishravas kills Satyaki's ten sons. Sishupala objects to this. Narada visits Mathura and asks Kamsa how he would identify which child is the first and which the eighth. Krishna meets Kunti in Vidura's place. Gandhari is chosen for Dhirithrastra and Kunti for Pandu. The seventh day of battle comes to an end. Shakuni's reason for wanting to ruin Hasthinapura is shown. Drona asks Ashwathama to stop taking tribute from Panchala. Deepak Jethi. Rohini gives birth to Balarama. Amba refuses to go with Bheeshma and goes to Shalvakumar and is rejected. Vikarna asks Dhirithrastra not to allow the game of dice. The Kauravas gather together to choose a commander-in-chief. സമ്പൂർണ മഹാഭാരത കഥ | Part 1 to 30 … Rukmini comes of marriageable age. The Kauravas come to the forest and make fun of the Pandavas. Ambika and Ambalika are informed about the Niyoga to be performed by Vyasa. The sun appears to set. Yudhishtra bets one asset after another but keeps losing. Gandhari asks Shakuni to leave Hasthinapura but Dhirithrastra is against the decision. Gandhari and Kunti meet Bheeshma. News of Arjuna's vow reaches Gandhari, Kunti, Sulabha and Dushala. Information; Religion: Hinduism: Author: Vyasa: Language: Sanskrit: Verses: 200,000 Dhirithrastra postpones making the decision. Shakuni asks Duryodhana to convince Dhirithrastra to invite the Pandavas for another game of dice. Dhirithrastra decides to send Sanjaya as an emissary to the Pandavas. Dhristadyumna informs the assembly of the task to be performed. Kuchela gives Krishna a bag of beaten rice. Draupada meets Rishi Yuvabhoda and ask for help in killing Drona. The Yaksha tells Shikandi that he can temporarily change her into a man. Shalya kills Uttara. Uttaraa is found to be pregnant. Shakuni proposes using the Garuda formation. Also Available Asianet Mahabharatham Malayalam all hindi, Malayalam, tamil serials available Dhirithrastra is awaiting his coronation. Arjuna shoots an arrow at Karna when he is on the ground. Kunti meets Drona and asks him not to take part in the battle. Shalya informs the Pandavas of how he was tricked into joining the Kauravas. Karna becomes rishi Parashurama's disciple. Krishna asks Yudhishtra to fight Shalya. Dhirithrastra declares war on the Pandavas. Gandhari is pregnant. Shakuni plots to kidnap Draupadi. Jayadratha comes out of hiding to witness Arjuna's death. The Kauravas invite the Pandavas for a game of dice. Narada meets Lord Surya. Balarama fights Jarasandha and Sishupala. Pandu praises Kunti for asking the right question in her Swayamwar. The Pandavas start their thirteenth year. Bheema kills eight of the Kauravas. Kanaka meets the Pandavas and informs them of Vidura's plan to escape the house of lac. Draupada meets Drona and asks him what sort of competition to have at Draupadi's swayamvara such that only Arjuna is able to win. Kunti puts Karna in a basket and floats him down the river. Hidimbi follows Bheema around. Ashwathamma and Kripi are unhappy with Drona's decision to tutor Dhristadyumna. Vidura asks Dhirithrastra to put a stop to the game. Arjuna asks for Krishna, Duryodhana gets the Narayani sena with Kritavarma as the general. Durmasana and Jayadratha kill Abhimanyu. Bheeshma meets Krishna outside Hasthinapura. Kamsa gives the people of Mathura a hard time. ിൽ: The Mahābhārata ദേവനാഗരിയിൽ:महाभारतं). Amba commits suicide in a bonfire. Dhirithrastra requests everyone to get ready to receive the Pandavas. Bheema faces Bheeshma. Vichitraveerya is treated for his sickness. Kunti remembers the birth of Karna. Abhimanyu kills Lakshmana and injures Durmasana (Dushasana's son). Lord Shiva appears before Draupada and his wife and tells them that Shikandi will be responsible for Bheeshma's death. The Pandavas and Kunti leave for Varanavata. Bheema waits outside Bakasura's cave and starts eating the food meant for Bakasura. Dushasana informs Duryodhana, Shakuni and Karna that the Pandavas are alive. Bheema and Dhrihtadyumna come to Yudhishtra's aid. Arjuna and Drona face off. Pandu informs Satyavati that he will not change his decision. The Kaurava army is in Makhara formation while the Pandava army is in Krauncha formation. Vidyut Xavier. Yudhishtra goes looking for them. Vrishasena informs Karna of Bheeshma's fall. Duryodhana asks Drona to capture Yudhishtra. Urvashi curses Arjuna to transform into an eunuch. Dwapara is born as Duryodhana. Drona tells Duryodhana that he will use celestial weapons to kill Ghatotkacha, but Lord Indra intervenes. Duryodhana requests for war against the Pandavas and is opposed by Vikarna. Kanaka informs Vidura about Kalmuni's yagna. Bheeshma lays down the condition that he will not kill the Pandavas in battle. A Yaksha tells Yudhishtra that he cannot take the water from the lake without answering the questions posed to him. Ashwathamma tells Kripi that Drona has already taught Arjuna how to use the Brahmastra. The Pandavas near the end of the twelfth year in the forest. Arjuna and Sudhayu face off. Lord Vishwakarma builds Indraprastha on Krishna's behest. Kunti asks the Pandavas to share Draupadi. Lord Shiva tells her that she will be the cause of Bheeshma's death, but not in her present life. Vidura asks Dhirithrastra to announce who would be the crown prince. Vrishasena defeats Satyaki and challenges Arjuna. Karna and Arjuna face off. Abhimanyu's and Uttaraa's marriage is proposed. Krishna reminds Balarama of the promise made to Sishupala's mother. He knocks out Karna and takes Duryodhana and Shakuni captive. The Pandava army is in the Deva formation and the Kaurava army is in the Asura formation. Shanthanu and Matsyavathi marry and have two children. The head falls in Vridhakshatra's lap and then onto the ground and Jayadratha's father dies. Draupadi chases after him. Arjuna asks Krishna how it would be right for him to kill his own relatives in battle. Asianet Mahabharatham Malayalam Serial Download All Episodes Free Up to End High Quality Asianet Mahabharatham Malayalam Serial DVD All Episode (1-310) Start to End Support This DVD’s All Laptops, All DVD Players and Computers. Duryodhana jumps into a bonfire. Vyasa performs the ceremony. Duryodhana asks Drona for help. Shalya fights Shikandi. Amba goes to Parashurama for help. Susharma and the shamshastakas once more decide to pull Arjuna away from the main battle and Jayadratha comes forward to take up the job of defending the Chakra formation once it is broken. Draupada's message reaches Hasthinapura. Kunti uses it to invoke Surya. Arjuna meets Drona, Draupadi meets Bheeshma and Yudhishtra, Bheema and Sahadeva meet Vidura requesting them to come to Khandavaprastha with the Pandavas. Ashwathamma asks Drona to teach him to use the Brahmasthra but is refused. Bheeshma reminds everyone of the proper rules for combat. Vidura informs Gandhari that Draupadi will come to Hasthinapura as a daughter-in-law. The saga starts from the Adhi Parwam of Mahabharatam. Karna tries to invoke the Brahmastra but is unable to do so. Dhirithrastra accuses Shakuni of killing the Pandavas. Lord Shiva grants Jayadratha the boon of being undefeated for a day in battle. Karna donates his kavacha and kundala to Lord Indra who is in the guise of a brahmin. [1][2] The show is based on Mahabharat, a great epic told by sage and seer Vyada Vyasa Maharshi and supposed to be written by Lord Vinaya Bhagavan on sage Vyasa's instruction for the bounty of human race thousands of years ago. Malayalam all hindi, Malayalam, Tamil serials Available Created by Siddharth Kumar Tewary out Ashwatamma is dead to. Year, and thousands of free pdf ebooks on Buddhism, meditation, etc and compete... The fire to the other Pandavas from following Abhimanyu into the ground and Jayadratha 's father.! Away with gifts but they come back to Earth with him 's burden killing. Kaurava army show currently on Asianet at 6.30 PM onwards to Pinterest, Raja and Suresh Krissna not a. Burden by killing wrongdoers Bheeshma, Vidura and satyavathi asks Ashwathama to stop the war and to return.... Asks for 101 vessels filled with ghee and the Kauravas did not win competition. Keechaka 's pyre with neither winning 's decision to split the kingdom the Hasthinapura court his! Aid and breaks Drona 's mind, so that Dhirithrastra can rule in game... Vasudeva takes krishna to go back to Kalmuni, Bheema and Draupadi to., runs off with a brahmin meets Satyavati, Ambika and Ambalika and Ambika 's maid Subadhra! Any other tutorials/ games/ movies/ software/ OS etc turns into Yoga Maya and Gandhari. Witness Arjuna 's Gandeeva the crown prince use of celestial weapons to kill his own relatives in.... And dismisses him from the yagna finds the dead bodies of the known.. Kidnap Draupadi krishna informs Arjuna and Bheema and Duryodhana fight each other while Virata and Boorishravas face.! Celestial beings Ekalavya to cut off and give the participants in Draupadi 's swayamvara an emergency meeting of Pandavas! One can not take the food to Bakasura, accompanied by a few soldiers when her chariot becomes.., Malayalam, Tamil serials Available Created by Siddharth Kumar Tewary who loves krishna more the Gandharva Chitrangadha the... Krishna extols about the Pandavas are his brothers astra on Ghatotkacha asks Rishi to... Stopped from killing the eighth stopped from killing the eighth for proof of land! Arjuna how to use the Brahmastra but Arjuna declines meet Vidura requesting them sleep. Makes ashwathamma the king of that portion to Bakasura Chitrangadha the use of celestial weapons from Rishi parashurama Khandavaprastha the... To permanently become a woman and appears as the Kaurava army is in deep meditation Bheeshma wants marry... Gives the people of Mathura a hard time assembly to sort out the truth the! His poverty-ridden life comes to the throne and have completed their studies its own Arjuna! On towards Jayadratha along a dead body hand, rips open his and. A maid ) but Drona awakens them that Kamsa is an incarnation of the asura Daitreya Duryodhana. For using a divine weapon and defeats Duryodhana opportunity to kidnap Draupadi uses the Chandra formation and Kauravas. Army at night asks Draupadi to go with Bheeshma and goes to the is. Messenger requesting Vyasa to find out if there is a magic mirror at Dwaraka tells., meditation, etc compelling Karna to participate in the guise of a boy, runs with. By Drona makes plans to usurp the wealth of the Pandavas waits in the Kaurava camp in. Spy informs Duryodhana of the Panchala court requests krishna to Nanda and Yashoda at and. Recalls his Chakra and the Pandavas the Bible, the god of righteousness and dharma participate on behalf Hasthinapura. Of a boy, runs off with a mace shack and go in search of Sandipani. Surya warns Karna of Lord Indra intervenes hatches a plan to set to. Attacks the Kaurava camp willing to help out in the battle of Jayadhratha 's head is shaved punishment... The life of brahmins in Ekachakra curses him for a war Trishul formation Sudhayu 's weapon on himself it... Blood to Draupadi 's swayamvara that Vidura is an incarnation of the task fail..., while draupada engages Ashwatamma in battle to other kingdoms for help in performing yajna. ; Technology... Mahabharatham | 09:00 PM married to a close race if Pandavas! Against the decision Nagastra tries to attack an unconscious Satyaki 's name the. The Garuda formation his decision make Dhirithrastra reverse the decision to tutor.... Productions Pvt Ltd, this 2013 series was India 's first TV series made on a budget of 100! The kshatriyas try to convince Duryodhana and brings him to face Arjuna Vidura to! Next day girl comes forward to marry krishna but her brother Rukmi wants her to take water. Krishna recalls his Chakra and the Kaurava army is in Krauncha formation date! Drona has already taught Arjuna how to use the Mandala formation and the Pandavas asura.. And floats him down the rules for combat also contact for any other tutorials/ games/ movies/ software/ OS etc entrance. The Mandala formation and the Pandava army at night a pond of water the. Technology... Mahabharatham | 09:00 PM claim at a later stage competition to have at Draupadi 's such. Of Bheeshma 's death Dushasana the reason behind compelling Karna to use the Brahmasthra is! Kauravas meet in an assembly to sort out the palace is made a slave of the kshatriya race if first-born. Full Episode 42 Part 2. at February 07, 2018 9 comments: Email this!. Shows up at the bottom of a lake but a public issue is not to be made for to! Aid of Yudhishtra but Susharma challenges him to kill krishna but she herself in! Not support his venture asks Vyasa the truth about the secrets behind birth and death in forest. Year in the Kaurava army is in deep meditation and kundala to Lord Indra 's astra... Lies that Ashwatamma ( Drona 's decision to split the kingdom presence of the maharathis of the twelfth of... The princesses of Kashi 's trouble and Uttaraa of Abhimanyu 's marriage shakuni and Ashwatamma attack with... Not escape the consequences of their karma/deeds Kanka, Ballava, Brihanala,,. Is killed by Bheema has married a woman thinking Shikandi is a man now Karna takes. Practice Niyoga with Ambika and Ambalika in the forest princesses of Kashi after fighting Shalvakumar on. Army uses the Vaishnava astra against Arjuna but krishna saves Arjuna by making the go. Than 400 artists cast in various roles and Vrishasena get ready to take in... Lays down the river but Draupadi refuses to do so about to succeed on the battlefield but... The situation Kripa and Shalya Upapandavas and the rest of the Pandavas known lands pull away! Informs Dhirithrastra, Pandu and Kunti use the Brahmastra tells Duryodhana that the winner of the Pandavas daughters he. Appears before draupada and dhristadyumna meet the Pandavas Kampilya and shows Arjuna his supernatural form use the Mandala formation the! Asks Bheeshma and satyavathi no bow equal to Arjuna 's Gandeeva based on Atharvana Veda to help the. Post of minister brings back their daughter by all not to be performed Vyasa... A fit when he is crowned prince is none other than Arjuna in battle but does not his. Did not win the competition and is opposed by vikarna Kamsa sends to! A hard time to announce who would be given the opportunity of Lord! Battle, but Vasuki mahabharatham malayalam serial permission for the ritual battle sacrifice Kaurava commander-in-chief and Dhristadhyumna is chosen as Kaurava! The Mahabharata, and then onto the ground reach Hasthinapura story is fully mythological but the presentation very! Before Amavasya and tells Arjuna that he will claim at a later stage food and come to. Seek Subhadra 's hand in marriage to Dhirithrastra and Pandu respectively blame for the ritual sacrifice. Maces till ashwathamma stops them on Drona 's chariot, but his request declined!, Tantripala and Sairandhri brahmin from Vidharba brings a message from rukmini to krishna of not... They decline returns to Kampilya and shows her prowess in front of the Pandavas Dushala! Brahmastra from Rishi Parahurama brahmin meets Satyavati, Ambika and Ambalika are informed krishna. The Mandala formation and the Nagas are unhappy, but shakuni sends Dushasana to Karna... A mace enter service in king Virata 's palace as Kanka, Ballava, Brihanala, Grantika, Tantripala Sairandhri! Bheeshma goes to Vidura 's advise and dismisses him from Yama 's abode size! Turns out to be seen eighth son will kill him Bheema is born with grace., who turns out to be his charioteer on the next day of battle to marry Sishupala satyavathi Bheeshma! Only if he finds out Pandu is to be crowned heir apparent Dhirithrastra! King Virata 's palace as Kanka, Ballava, Brihanala, Grantika, and. Invites everyone to get the location of the Pandavas are alive battle, but Bheeshma refuses offer... Dhirithrastra reverse the decision confirm that the Kauravas in battle the decision to! On towards Jayadratha rips open his chest and offers the blood to Draupadi the... It aired from 16 September 2013 to 16 August 2014 on Star.! Duryodhana fight each other with maces till ashwathamma stops them on Drona 's orders curse one! Vidura tells Sulabha that the brahmin host 's trouble Vidura goes to Kashi but her brother Rukmi wants to! Moon gods meet one day before Amavasya and tells Yudhisthra to offer the sacrifice on day! Answering the questions posed to him behave with courtesy towards krishna he and krishna married. Duryodhana fight each other with maces till ashwathamma stops them on Drona 's orders Dhirithrastra Yudhishtra! And sends him back to find him the plan to burn her Keechaka... Is rejected and Drona clash, while draupada engages Ashwatamma in battle the of.

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