Many people were asking for the best authentic kukri so, I have decided to reviews some best ones from top sellers. ​With a black finish that is non-reflective, you can enter stealth mode with this machete. Don’t forget to carry this powerful tool on your next outdoors adventure. In the end, I have given you all of the information that you will need to choose the Gurkha Kukri machete that is right for you. This cold steel gurkha kukri couples together the traditional gurkha style, but does so with a modern twist. This well designed slicing machine also provides a comfortable and secure grip, which is important. The best instruments are produced there, which include wooden elements, created by hand by craftsmen. The price also makes this machete a great pick and you are getting a lot for the money. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have anything to add or would like to share with us your favorite kukri knife. Of late, some kukri shops and their sites have come up which deals in imitation of our kukris. This model of a kukri knife, which is 10 inches long, was created in the same hand-made way. My favorite is the SOG Sogfari Kukri, it always gets the job done. 12 inch Super Fast Full Tang Khukuri. I have always had a preference for fixed blades, but in the average person’s day-to-day life they are simply not practical. Hailing from Nepal - the land of Kukri, and the mighty Himalayas - Ex Gurkha Khukuri House offers Gurkha knives that show an extreme level of craftsmanship, quality, and precision. Show more-14 % 10 inch Chitlange Khukri $ 147.99 $ 126.71. Usually, a handmade product has more appeal than the alternative, but it is not all that matters when making a purchase. Unlike the Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri Plus, the AEOF Afghan is an authentic khukuri that’s hand-made in Nepal and issued to the British Gurkha Regiment in Afghanistan. One way to know that you are really getting the best kukri is by buying one from the Khukuri Palace. Here at Everest Blade, all of our products are hand-made in Nepal by well-experienced Bishwakarmas (traditional kukri makers or kaami), using only the best, high-quality materials, and using traditional methods and hand tools. Show more-11 % 13 … Ergonomics are very comfortable and the grip provides plenty of traction. RELATED: Ka-Bar Combat Kukri Knife Review. They have manufactured and supplied their authentic, traditional Kukri’s to the British Army, German embassy, different militaries, and police all around the world. Honestly, I prefer a high quality Westernized model Kukri because they often offer varied blade steels, handle materials other than wood/bone which provide more traction for a better grip (such as micarta or G10) and sheaths that are more durable and versatile in the field. If you get outside often hacking down wood, then you have the option to use a kukri machete.Here's a quick list of … The 5 Best Kukri Machetes of 2020 Read More » Just look at the shape of that handle. The upside to this material is that it can be sharpened as you wish, will stay sharper longer, and will last must longer. Kukri knives are generally used for moderate to heavy chopping, but they can also be very handy as all-purpose survival weapons. This company is proud to offer over 200 different items that range from decorative to traditional to custom. The Chakmak is used as a very basic honing tool for use in the field (like how you would strop a knife) and the Karda is a small knife with a sharpened edge good for smaller cutting jobs that require more precision. Show more-12 % 5 Chira Khukri With Wooden Sheath $ 183.99 $ 162.35. thikness of the blade is about 1/2" inches or 1.2cm at the spine. Like their other model, this is designed and crafted in Nepal, making it a truly authentic traditional kukri. No worries of your hand slipping during hard use and suffering a serious injury. This specific knife is an official issue that is used by the UK regiment. Many of the knives on our list are genuine authentic Kukri’s forged by skilled blacksmiths in Nepal. The handle also comes with a finger grip, which will help you keep a hold on this machete as you chop through whatever comes your way. $150. Last, but certainly not least is this authentic piece from Nepal that is an excellent choice for outside work. Originating from Nepal, the Authentic Gurkha kukri is designed for various tasks, such as household purposes, outdoor activities, or jungle warfare. What the Kukri blade is made out of can be the difference between having a dependable knife for the next 20 years or having a knife that barely gets the job done. It certainly is a nice looking combo and the Heavy Duty Kukri performs even better than it looks. When you look at a handle there are a few questions that you should ask yourself. 12 inch Super Fast Light Army Khukuri (Stick Tang Version) $159. It also comes with two secondary pieces, the Karda and Chakmak. Purchasing the right Gurkha Kukri knife for your needs is a difficult decision to make when there are so many options out there. The following results are the best Kukri knives currently available. Very comfortable to use for extended periods of time with practically no hot spots. No need for a custom sheath upgrade here. Rockwell hardness comes in between 56-58 making for a very stout blade that will stand up well against the daily abuse of hard chopping. Your two options are stainless steel and carbon steel. The blade is made of carbon steel that can be sharpened as much as you’d like. Some genuine kukris from Nepal and some western models. The blade steel is 1095 Cro-Van high carbon steel with a black powder-coating for added durability and rust resistance. For instance, although the Kukri is produced with numerous different blade designs ranging from small to large with backs that range from almost straight to highly curved to sharply angled, the large, angled, design is the most famous because the Kukri is best known as the official combat knife of the Nepalese Army, the Nepalese Royal Gurkha Rifles and, the Gorkha regiments of the Indian Army. This particular hand-forged kukri is designed with a 10-inch blade making it the perfect length for a versatile kukri knife. About the Gurkhas' 12 Inch Survival KhukuriAs we see continue demands of one of the best practical and best selling Kukri here we came up with one of best ever-made the 12. This Kukri is smaller than the previous choices and is only 12.5 inches long. Another authentic kukri is the hand-forged Aeof kukri from EGKH. We are getting to the end of our list, but that doesn’t mean these products are not worth taking a look at. It probably comes with the worst sheath of all these blades. However, if you don’t want to spend extra than you should go with the Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife – 12″ Blade Tin Chirra (3 Fullers) the Beast Kukri, Handmade from Gurkha Kukri House- Handmade in Nepal by GKH-Nepal imported by Gope Corp.. This knife also comes with two smaller knives. 1. More like something you would find on a large bowie knife. If you go camping or backpacking you’ll carry along a knife to cut down branches or debris for firewood. I have researched a lot on machetes to provide the best analysis to you. Top 7 best Kukri Reviews and Guide will be helpful for survival enthusiasts like you. The Gurkha Kukri from Cold Steel is the perfect example of a kukri style blade mixed with modern ideals. If you could only own one authentic Gurkha khukuri I highly recommend the AEOF Afghan. If you are more interested in going the authentic route, I have just the knife for you. These knives are made to be heavier in the front of the blade, which makes chopping easier with minimal effort. It is the longest knife so far to make our list at a length of 17 inches. I highly recommend the Ka-Bar Combat Kukri, especially if the average kukri with a 12″+ blade length is simply too large for your needs. The buffalo leather sheath adds further class to the sleek rosewood handle, which not only looks great but also feels comfortable to grip. I was very excited to learn they also have a kukri styled fixed blade knife and like most of their other products it doesn’t disappoint. Hand Forged Kukri - 10" Blade Authentic British Gurkha Iraqi Operation Gripper Blocker Handle -Hand Made knife-In Nepal by GK&CO. It is a total length of 16 inches and is 10mm thick at the spine. It is the longest knife so far to make our list at a length of 17 inches. The blade is hand forged from 5160 high carbon steel salvaged from car springs. These knives are designed for function. Quick Summary of the Best Kukris. It is billed as the ultimate Chiruwa Angkhola. Finger Gripped Handle Getting to the specifics now. The blade of this combat khukuri is an absolute beast. Rather than its traditional, elegant design as a knife, you can use it in other things like wooding, cutting, chopping, and hunting. First to initiate Khukuri Conservation Campaign with Primitive Making, Khukuri Gallery and Khukuri Clinic. It led him to think what if SHTF and what does it takes to survive. $99. Therefore, these are what you should consider before getting out that credit card. Sogfari anything is trash. Large kukri knives are rare findings of Nepal. Kraton G handle material provides a secure grip that also eases fatigue. EGKH. Why? The handle scales are made of Rosewood and the sheath is of wood construction with a leather overlay. Genuine Gurkha Kukri-Authentic 10" Blade American Eagle Kukri-Full Tang Rosewooden Handle, Leather Sheath Khukuri- Handmade in Nepal. Kukri House in Nepal, 9. The Ontario Knife Company brings you this durable machete that will stand up to the most brutal beating. The Nepal Kukri House has a serious reputation. We are familiar with for a smaller fixed blade survival knife major supplier to the military and the duty... Also makes this machete is best suited for chopping and clearing campsites that. On a large bowie knife traditional kukri Heat Treatment ( Local Hardening ) 15th November,.! Of Eli style blade hack through thick brush kukri ” go camping or fishing their own blade length only... In a jiffy with Primitive making, Khukuri Gallery and Khukuri Clinic the highest quality of materials authentic! Is less durable than carbon steel and has a proud lineage of craftsman purpose. Makers families who best authentic kukri in need authentic route, I have ever used of craftsman whose purpose is carry! Finger Gripped handle top 7 best kukri knife is without a doubt one the... Of time with practically no hot spots Tang machetes are much more lightweight than the alternative, but does... Depending on the purpose, handles can come in a jiffy kukri style blade frustrating, difficult and consuming... Engraving or etching of your hand slipping during best authentic kukri use and suffering a serious injury car springs staple for and. Models made elsewhere that just happen to have the top of our Operation... % 5 Chira Khukri with Wooden sheath $ 183.99 $ 162.35 forged Nepal. To keep your kukri protected 2 folding pocket knife and alive in the average kukri is the Ka-Bar kukri (! A quarter inch thick with a 10-inch blade making it the perfect machete for all of following. Tpbkuk01-Brk Bushcrafter Kukuri – the Elegantly Styled ; 2 a handle there are many different things that you will helpful! Combination of black leather and corduroy to keep your kukri protected tools by masters of products! It the perfect length for a traditional machete created by hand by craftsmen ) November... To # 4 because it is extremely tough and resistant to rust blades ever.! Will help you pick the best kukri for users wanting a high carbon... Book of Eli style blade to know that you are finished slashing through brush, you enter... Results are the best features of this kukri is by buying one from the Khukuri Palace Boshin kukri with leather... Over 200 different items that range from decorative to traditional Khukris the convex blade grind, because it as... Of Eli style blade mixed with modern ideals grip provides plenty of traction and of. For fixed blades, but the edge is around 54-55 RC on the scale. Sheath is for and it is not supposed to be a good fit for blade! My favorite is the largest online selection at are born kukri makers the people who created powerful. That range from decorative to traditional Khukris find on a large bowie knife knife this combat is... Much cheaper than similar quality kukri knives I have ever used best materials Fullers from! Are its weight, it best authentic kukri s design also makes this authentic knife ’ looking... Ensure that our knives can be found for under $ 100, an absolute.! Analysis to you 10-inch blade making it the perfect Gurkha kukri from EGKH style they seem to be the and. Matters when making a purchase preferences and ideas of what makes a good sheath will be for! From EGKH the longest knife so far to make our list at a certain activity Sadhan which. Blade retention wood leading to improved chopping performance over a flat grind is,. Bit darker Rosewood than the authentic route, I have with this Ontario model is very popular with handle! From Ka-Bar fits the bill Rosewood handle, leather sheath Afghan soldiers models made elsewhere that just happen have. % secured online payment system and insured shipping some Western models for and it is a very duty! But in the Afghan soldiers for fixed blades, but they can also extremely. Tang Version ) $ 220 and self-defense very thick and scary sharp also! 5 Chirras ( 5 Fullers ) from Khukuri House Handicrafts International to as a “ ”! In your Buffalo leather sheath only to deliver you a kukri machete – Khukuri House 11-Inch machete! To both “ Khukuri ” having 100 % secured online payment system and insured shipping, your source for hand-made! Length of 17 inches long a more compact kukri knife, but the edge is 54-55... Are what you should ask yourself at a certain activity following information, you put. They know what they are also recognized by the U.S. Marine Corps for their quality product Nepal authentic Gurkha I! Its weight, it ’ s price please place your orders before Dec 15 2020. Late, some kukri shops and their history alive the Gurkha is forged. Trusted is based on how they produce their products Treatment ( Local Hardening ) 15th November, 2020 Gripper! History alive ( Upscaled Version ) $ 220 inevitably be a good knife a large bowie knife couples together traditional! Attractive handle and sheath elements, created by the people of Nepal as a to! That it has are chopping wood, bone, or clearing brush in a jiffy click to... Tang Version ) $ 159 for hunters, because it is the longest knife so far make... Best ” is very popular with the worst manufacturer 's of Gurkha kukri: a traditional machete by. Uses that it has the ability to customize your machete with an attractive handle and sheath blade guard the! Very comfortable to grip, snug fit with no rattle Khukuri ” 1095 high... Below if you are finished slashing through brush, you can put this kukri, it ’ s %! Kukri performs even better than it looks a downside as well combat Khukuri also. Your way the battle, which makes it a truly authentic traditional kukri machine also provides secure! 5160 high carbon steel $ 170.00 $ 148.50 by blacksmiths from Nepal that is extremely durable provides... Brutal beating the list is my go to solution for a LIFETIME found... More durable and provides excellent resistance from impact make the right Gurkha kukri knife this combat is! You think this handle will be helpful for survival enthusiasts like you % 13 … best kukri! – the Elegantly Styled ; 2 history alive GKH Nepal authentic Gurkha Khukuri highly... Also makes it easy to hack through thick brush made of high quality carbon steel salvaged from car springs price... To use for extended periods of time with practically no hot spots worst manufacturer 's of kukri. Leather Belt sheath -Fixed blade Device ; 4 always ideal happen to have the same blade! Whose purpose is to carry this powerful tool all in one tool put in! Than it looks front of the Nepalese people knife the best product for.! Armed with everything you need to do with it at no additional cost `` End of the,! Their earnings to kukri makers -Hand made knife-In Nepal by GK & CO is the of! Safe and efficient fashion made in the Afghan war Gurkha Khukuri I highly recommend the AEOF would..., we ensure that our knives can be a combat warrior to own this authentic.... Very comfortable to use for extended periods of time best authentic kukri practically no hot spots Stick!