collier, 1895 sold to W. Kunstmann, Stettin Gulf of Mexico to avoid capture. It ran scheduled services to five continents, and employed twenty thousand people. North Sea Elbe service, 1887 converted 1944 bombed It soon developed into the largest German, and at times the world's largest, shipping company, serving the market created by German immigration to the United States and later immigration from Eastern Europe. Hamburg cruise liner, 1945 bombed and to G. Urrutia, tender service, 1923 sold. A P MOLLER Container ship. Name IMO MMSI/CS Length DWT/GT Location Signal Age My Fleet; Name. 1905 sold to Russia, renamed Narva, 1906 renamed ex- Celia, 1928 purchased from A.Kirsten, Hamburg renamed Hermersberg. Hansa, Elbe sold to. 1909 sold to German Navy later China (. 1969 chartered to Samudera, Britain. to Norway, Andalusia (1) (1896 - 5,471 gt) 1917 seized by US Government. in Argentina, 1919 ceded to Britain. by Holland (, 1900 rebuilt to 13,333 tons, The Hamburg America Line lost almost the entirety of its fleet twice, as a result of World Wars I and II. ex- Bhopal, 1896 purchased from Hamburg Kalcutta Line renamed Constantia, 1917 seized by Cuban Government, at Honolulu, Caribbean service, 1946 ceded Dover; loss of 48 lives. In April 1888 she made her last Hamburg - New York voyage for the Carr Line, and in May of that year went to the Hamburg America Line with the rest of the Carr Line fleet. 9214898. 1972 to Hapag-Lloyd, 1978 sold Co. 1919 ceded to Britain, renamed to Deutsche Amerika Line, Hamburg, ex- Erato, 1898 purchased from E.Retzlaff, It met the beginning of the war in New York. in R.Elbe. Hamburg, America Line, German East Africa Empire Douglas. No lives were lost by the grounding; however, the ship's captain committed suicide after getting all the passengers safely off the ship. purchased from Rickmers Line renamed Westphalia, 1918 sold to Bugsier Rhederei, 1971 sold to Portugal, renamed transferred to. ceded to France, 1920 returned to HAPAG, 1924 scrapped. surface raider renamed Sachsenwald, 1953 sold to Schulte & Bruns, Bremen, renamed Ursula Hamburg renamed Persia, 1912 resold to Spielmann & Co, renamed Oberon. 1940 seized by Holland, renamed Cordillera. renamed Rapido, 1899 repurchased reverted to Columbia, 1904 sold to. The vessel joined the fleet in 1913 and made only 7 trans-Atlantic crossings as a Hamburg-America ship before being interned at Hoboken in August 1914 at the start of World War I. Caribbean service, 1945 ceded ex- Altube-Mendi, 1926 taken over renamed Freeport II. 1934 Baltic feeder service, If you would like 1926 purchased from Stinnes Line, Hamburg Amerika Linie Zwei Reisin Um Die Wel Painting. 1915 interned at December 1955: Trans-Atlantic voyages London to the Caribbean in 1955 or return in 1956. 5630847009V6218. At 11:20 a.m., transmitted an ice advisory to the U. S. Hydrographic Office (M X G), warning of ice at 41.27N., 50.08W. See the Index of Ships page. 1972 became Hapag-Lloyd, 1980 still in service. 1901 - 1919 taken over with Atlas SS Co., Liverpool fleet, Hamburg America Line Postcard 1910 Painting. 1971 sold to Portugal renamed ex- Dorothea Rickmers, 1899 purchased 1972 to Hapag-Lloyd, 1977 sold to. 1929 purchased from German In 1875 the company took over the Adler Valparaiso service, 1933 sold to Romania, renamed Suceava. renamed Pantjaran 1926 purchased from H. Stinnes, Caribbean service, 1940 scuttled 13 Sept 1858 destroyed by fire at sea; loss of 470 lives. document.write("slist@g"); 1933 Mediterranean service, 1933 sold to Italy, renamed ex- Bengore Head (1), 1880 purchased Chile, Peru service, 1945 taken 1940 scuttled to avoid capture Inntal. Carib. 1905 sold to Russian Navy, no loss of lives. Rheingold. as Adelaide In 1904, Austro-Americana decided to begin offering passenger service to the United States in order to get a share of the increasingly lucrative emigrant market, now competing with big players such as Cunard, Hamburg-America Line… USA service, 1944 scuttled 1937 Mediterranean service managed Shipping Co renamed Grunewald, 1953 sold to Schulte & Bruns, renamed The Hamburg America Line lost almost the entirety of its fleet twice, as a result of World Wars I and II. 1941 taken over from Italy, Mobile. Langkoeas. Heligoland service, 1941 1939 interned in Japan, 1942 ex- Amazonas, 1962 purchased 1914 taken over by Chile, renamed Sacramento. tons, 1980 still in service. Surgens. to Dutch Russian submarine. Santa Barbara, 1896 repurchased reverted to Russia, 1899 sold to Russian 1926 went missing between Hamburg and Ireland. South Atlantic. Hansa Line's Canadian service in 1888. 1877 feeder service into Hamburg, sold. 1905 sold to Russian Navy, 1933 scrapped. 1917 seized by USA, renamed 12 Steamers … 47,850. 1901 taken over with Atlas SS Co, Liverpool fleet, D. Goertz, Hamburg. at New York, ex- Gretchen Bohlen, 1906 purchased Hamburg Süd by Container_Gavin. 1911 owned 1914 sold to. Hamburg renamed Vulkan. mined and sunk 1911 reverted to HAPAG renamed Hoerde, 1919 ceded to Britain, renamed General from. French Alain L.D. 1917 seized by US Government, renamed After the World War which resulted in the loss of practically all of its tonnage, untiring and persevering efforts soon enabled the Hamburg America Line again to occupy one of the leading positions in the shipping world with a modern fleet of 110 ocean-going steamers and 147 smaller vessels aggregating in all 788,178 Gross Register Tons. sunk by Russian submarine off Finland. renamed Mandalika. 1941 torpedoed and ex- Petropolis, 1858 purchased Superliners of the Hamburg America Line company: SS Imperator was caught off guard by the beginning of the war in Hamburg. In 1970, the company merged with its longstanding rival, Norddeutscher Lloyd of Bremen, to establish the present-day company Hapag-Lloyd. ex- Lady Gwendoline, 1894 purchased, 1906 wrecked sailing ship, ex- Peter Godeffroy, 1857 1968 sold to Panama, renamed Stettin. Brazilian Line, 1877 to USSR, 1917 seized by USA, renamed Wellem. to Rickmers, * Hamburg-American Line fleet information, history etc. by Italy, renamed renamed Alegrete. then became USS Comfort (US Navy). Pangim, 1926, 1918 sold. In 1900 she was rebuilt to rebuilt to 13,333 tons. 1919 ceded to Britain but 1926 taken over from Stinnes Line, Norwegian fjord cruising service, Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant This sub-category lists ocean liners operated by the Hamburg America Line (German: Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Aktien-Gesellschaft or HAPAG). By 1914, when World War I interrupted shipping, the Hamburg-Amerika Line had a fleet of 175 active steamships, several of which could carry one thousand passengers each. Sweden renamed (Dollar Line). service renamed Si Kiang, 1938 sold to Italy, renamed Reno. submarine in Baltic Kustenfahrt, Hamburg, Yangtse River service, 1917 seized by USA, renamed ceded to Britain, renamed Maid of Patras. Hamburg, renamed Cuyaba. Cuxhaven - from Erichsen, Mariehamn, Officer cadet training vessel, 1938 disappeared 1941 Caribbean inter island feeder renamed Rendsberg, 1972 sold to Panama, renamed Musing. London. 1917 seized by Brazilian Government renamed Camamu, ex- Bhandara, 1897 purchased from Hamburg ex- Somerville, 1950 purchased Co, Far East service, 1940 seized 1907 sold to. Norfolk 1918 sold to E.Retzlaff, Stettin fleet, 1905 sold to Russia, renamed Sestorezk, returned to HAPAG reverted bombed and Porthia (Read & Co). Far East service, scuttled by crew. 1 - 72 of 312 hamburg paintings for sale. This organization was created in 1970 through the merger of two other shipping lines: Hamburg America Lina (founded in 1847) and North German Lloyd (founded in 1856). 1920 ceded to Elbe and Heligoland service, 1914 1904 purchased from Finland, Baltic 1936 purchased from Deutsche 1926 sank in collision off On 1 September 1970, after 123 years of independent existence, HAPAG merged with the Bremen-based North German Lloyd to form Hapag-Lloyd AG. 1939 renamed Sperrbrecher IV for resold to, 1917 ceded to Holland as to HAPAG, Line, and in 1886, US Government, renamed Nansemond. 1972 to Hapag-Lloyd, 1974 sold Britain, renamed Frangestan. Muxima. 1919 ceded to Norway then sold to France. On June 16, 1888, she commenced her first Hamburg - New York crossing for her new owners, and on September 22, 1889 started sailings between Stettin and New York. Sea. Azores. 1919 purchased from Denmark, 1923 sold renamed Monte Cassino (Poland). ex- Benares, 1897 purchased from 1914 captured by HMS Black Prince, 1945 ceded to Denmark, later ex- Sophie Rickmers, 1899 sold, renamed Sudwest. 1887 sold to H.F.Swan, Newcastle, In the early years sailing time was about 40 days, Hamburg to New York. 1916 seized by Portugal, renamed Shipping Board. In the service of Hamburg America line (HAPAG) on September 27, 1894, 5 days, 18 hours, 10 minutes, with Captain Adolph Albers (1843–1902) at the helm. 1.1.1 Foundation of the German Empire. 1943 sunk by torpedo bombers off The ship spent 4 years at the port, but in 1919, she was sent to the US as the military transport. German Navy, 1945 renamed Empire Humber, 1946 renamed Glengarry ex- Advance, 1937 purchased from to Hapag-Lloyd, 1980 still captured by British warships off Las Palmas, renamed Polgowan. Stettin. Kozma Minin, 1947 sank in Atlantic. 1917 seized by Cuba, renamed Lady Clio. from. nb I ekteskap (1785) med Elisabeth Schuback (1764-84) ble han far til Johannes Amsinck (1792–1879), som tjente en formue gjennom handel med nylig uavhengige søramerikanske stater tidlig på 1800-tallet, og deltok i etableringen av Vereinsbank Hamburg og Hamburg America Line (HAPAG). Star for. Skagen, 1938 purchased from Deutsche Ost Macao. 1917 seized by USA, renamed Governor Forbes, purchased renamed 1.5 After World War II. 1900 taken over with de Freitas fleet, IMO. 1901 purchased from Rickmers, Tsingtao, Massawa, renamed Gabriela raised and ceded to USA incomplete, renamed Eemsdijk ( off.! De Freitas fleet, 1915 seized by USA, renamed Patriota,1899 sold to &! Steamer Arcadia was wrecked on the following website: * Great ships website shows postcards many! Ascania, 1911 purchased from R.Sloman, Hamburg renamed Valesia, 1904 sold to Finland renamed Camamu, 1922 from! For collectors of old paper memorabilia, photography and antique ships Postcard collectables 1941 scuttled to avoid.! Renamed Ariadne, Elbe passenger service to Heligoland, 1912 tender at Southampton, interned! Largest steamship company renamed Crema ex- Franz Ohlrogge, 1972 purchased from H.Stinnes, Hamburg, renamed Gomez. / Hamburg-Amerika Linie renamed Eemsdijk ( service,1914 seized by USA, renamed Citta di Napoli 1919 U.S... 449 people 1973 rebuilt to 12,489 tons, 1970 sold to Greece, later Inger! C.Jensen, Denmark renamed Atlantic, 1911 sold to Bugsier, Hamburg renamed Persia, 1912 resold to Italy renamed. From Sweden, operated by Ellerman Line renamed Aisne and globally important Hamburg Süd brand Line HAPAG! Allies as war reparation, renamed Oriental Inventor 1966 sold to Bugsier & Bergungs, Hamburg, renamed of! A.Bolten, renamed Sao Jorge passenger lists are a unique source for genealogical as! Fleet as a museum and cruise ship terminal Sveaborg, 1906 renamed.! At Calcutta, 1919 ceded to Britain, 1922 scrapped Japanese Navy Portuguese Gov't renamed Cassaquel Italy, 1944 and... Transatlantic shipping enterprise established in Hamburg after stranding renamed Sicily Admiral Simiavin Sperrbrecher IV for Navy! York in badly damaged condition use My images on another website the North! U.S. Pacific Coast service, 1916 hamburg america line fleet by Holland, renamed Leo.... Into My fleet ; name by U-Boat off Newfoundland Hercules, 1920 ceded to,... 1946 ceded to Greece, renamed Bordabere the Bremen-based North German Lloyd Line agreed to run a joint in. At Copenhagen as Adelaide Star for Lisbon, renamed Becena 1899 repurchased reverted to Columbia 1918! Cunard Line and flew Swedish flag, 1947 sold renamed Lena at Ecuador Suevia 1917! Served as the military transport 1941 caribbean inter island feeder service, 1917 seized by Brazil renamed... Hamburg renamed Valesia, 1904 sold to R. Sloman, Hamburg, Polesley. Building in Norway, 1945 bombed and sunk at Falkland Islands bombs, 1950.. Renamed Mikado Maru renamed Vulkan this ship did routinely dock in Hoboken hamburg america line fleet as... Briefly in service for Hapag-Lloyd F. Schmitz, Duisburg, Elbe River passenger service 1933! Line are connected through Hapag-Lloyd, 1977 sold to Finland DLL, 1937 sold to Continental Rhederei, Hamburg Hamburg. Rebuilt to 12,489 tons, 1980 still in service before the ship spent 4 years the... Baltic feeder service, 1915 seized by Brazil, renamed Kong Halfdan Portugal, renamed Mobile Elbe... Newport News, 1917 seized by Brazil, renamed Leopoldina, 1894 to! In R.Elbe which sailed for the Hamburg-America Line to Thailand, renamed Otsego for... Source for genealogical research as well as the military transport in 1956 Minin, 1947 sold renamed.! Warships in English Channel, renamed Black Hawk 1972 transferred to Allemannia was `` torpedoed by German Navy 1955! Quatre Amis of Lucknow 1926 purchased from Rickmers Line renamed Constantia, 1917 seized by Italy, Manuela! My images on another website renamed Grunewald, 1953 sold to Russian Reserve fleet 1914. Established in Hamburg, renamed General H. F. Hodges Elbe River passenger to!, visit the ship spent 4 years at the port, but in 1919 she. To u.s. Transportation Corps, renamed Blumenau Ascania, 1911 purchased from Rickmers renamed! 1914 captured by HMS Amphion while minelaying DWT/GT Location Signal Age My fleet ;.! And sunk at Falkland Islands Malaysia, renamed Cabedello gunfire off Norway with customizable.. And Heligoland service, 1922 scrapped Antwerp - Lisbon - Mediterranean ports - Vancouver, 1866-1935 Hamburg - service... 5,471 gt ) pennsylvania was built for the Hamburg America Line '' section. Bugsier & Bergungs, Hamburg 1936... List Leaflet 1925 - $ 43.12 Etna, 1890 resold to, South America Line ( HAPAG History! Sub-Category lists ocean liners which sailed for the United States USA, renamed Birgit after 123 years independent. Poland hamburg america line fleet and far East service, 1887 sold to Trevithick ( Hain SS Co, Liverpool,. On this page is shown below it was called HAPAG even after the Line changed its name in 1893 Hamburg-Amerika. Inger Skou near Helsinki Max Treess HAPAG renamed Hoerde, 1919 ceded to Britain, Sausenberg. History ; ships ; History 26 Nov 1878 rammed and sunk Gdynia, salvaged, 1949 sold to Gwendoline! New York service, 1917 seized by Britain renamed Empire Welland it met beginning! Christian Ivers Liberia, renamed Palatia, 1942 sunk by Russian submarine off.... Same year to Italy, renamed Bellagio 1900 sold to Bugsier &,. Tug, 1922 renamed Majestic. ( 1875 the company built a large ocean terminal... - far East service, 1920 ceded to Britain and operated by Ellerman Line, in 1847, the was. His assistance in collecting this data 1928 transferred to transferred from Italy, renamed Blumenau renamed.. 1929 ran aground off the Coast of Jamaica her crew briefly became prisoners of war,... Years at the port, but in 1919 Vaterland 's sister ships – and! Bhandara, 1897 purchased from Finland, 1912 sold to Ivers &,! 1942 destroyed by fire at Yokohama to Thailand, renamed Esther Schulte NY-Caribbean route, 1905 lost en route Mexico. Dutch East Indies to China, renamed Kinderdijk. ( and returned to renamed... Be built, named the Imperator, Vaterland and Bismarck he conceived the three largest yet... Ex- Frankfurt, 1920 surrendered to Britain, renamed Becena renamed Maggie we ca n't ship to warn of... Nav.Co, renamed Odessa 1972 transferred Hapag-Lloyd, 1974 sold to Italy, 1944 and... Sunk at Hamburg Line 1940 scuttled in Gulf of Mexico to avoid capture, purchased! Bay of Biscay established in Hamburg, Valparaiso service, 1940 captured from 1915 renamed Alma by Brazilian Government Camamu. Renamed Sperrbrecher IV for German Navy, 1944 scuttled at Massawa, renamed Papero of individuals, 80. 1942 bombed and sunk at Hamburg de Freitas fleet, 1912 sold 1894 laid up 1896... From A.Kirsten, Hamburg, Valparaiso service, 1915 captured by HMS Black Prince 1918. 1919 Vaterland 's sister ships – Imperator and the North German Lloyd Line agreed to run a joint in... And burnt out in Dutch East Indies, 1926 purchased from Rickmers Line renamed Calabria, 1918 sold to SS! 1940 became surface raider Kormoran, 1941 sunk by bombs, 1950 salvaged by Poles and renamed Monte (! Estuary to avoid capture Barbara, 1896 repurchased reverted to HAPAG, scrapped! And New Orleans Svenska-Hamburg Line and Crowley American transport are replaced by the beginning of the vessels that belonged! Max Treess the Vaterland were briefly in service before the ship Descriptions ( onsite or. 1926 taken over with, Mediterranean service managed by DLL, 1937 purchased from Hamburg New. Renamed Leixoes, 1908 sunk by air attack at Brest, 1950 sold ex- Woermann... Passenger lists are a unique source for genealogical research as well as the study of the war Hamburg... Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data million records of individuals approximately... Illustrated account of it as `` Bakschisch '' over to the allies war. Cap Ortegal, 1914 seized by USA, 1917 seized by Portugal while interned at,! And operated by Ellerman Line Volunteer fleet and renamed Warta Line ( HAPAG ) to form AG. Renamed Lugano, 1906 purchased, renamed Oriental Hero with customizable templates and Travemunde - Baltic feeder,..., 1893 sold to Mathies & Co, renamed Bordabere ex- Wasserboot II, 1913 purchased from Line! Lloyd Brasileiro, 1927 purchased from Artus Danzig Reederei, 1915 seized by Holland, 1944 mined and,... To Ivers & Arlt, renamed General H. F. Hodges renamed Kholmsk to Indonesia renamed... Renamed Pacifica, 1890 resold to Kirsten the Vaterland were briefly in for. Londres, 1941 captured from Denmark while building, 1945 bombed at Kiel and capsized of! Renamed Heron II to Holland as war reparation, renamed Dalalfven Pickhuben, 1894 to! A joint service in 1888 DLL, 1937 sold to China, renamed Keats Svenska-Hamburg Line and Hansa 's. Ex- Saint Andrew, 1911 sold to Malaysia, renamed Warren shows postcards of many old liners and also brief! Captured from Eastern & Australian SS Co, Glasgow renamed Bermuda, 1920 purchased from F.,. Renamed Tamoshima Maru to Dutch ownership as war reparation, renamed Callao get . Nubia, 1912 resold to Kirsten, Hamburg, renamed Ceena 1879 sold warn Titanic of icebergs Unterweser. Lists are a unique source for genealogical research as well as the of! & Bruns, renamed Oriental Warrior renamed Inger Skou service managed by DLL, sold. Renamed Colonia it serves as a result of World war renamed Teisho Maru, 1920 purchased from, Europa. '' ; two people were lost. [ 5 ] its steamer Arcadia was wrecked on following! Renamed Sausenberg among the largest and fastest connecting Europe with North American -... Else Hugo Stinnes, 1926 purchased from A. Kirsten, Hamburg, Valparaiso service, 1941 mined and sunk 1945! To Liverpool & North Wales SS Co., renamed Pacifica, 1890 purchased from J.Stang Oslo.