The Phantom also has no sense of self, claiming they do not know what their original gender, face, nationality, or identity even was in the beginning; having taken on so many disguises and identities, the Phantom is an endless void. 2, Dick Gumshoe. After Gant killed Bruce Goodman, he again blackmailed Lana to dispose of the body, which she does in Edgeworth's car. Despite her protests, Simon ended up in prison, determined to both protect Athena and draw the Phantom out. Rayfa Padma Khura'in (レイファ・パドマ・クライン, Reifa Padoma Kurain) is the crown Princess of the Kingdom of Khura'in, as well as the priestess who performs Divination Séances for the High Court of the Kingdom. His life's creed, and the creed of the rebellion, is "A Dragon never yields", referring to his absolute tenacity at uncovering the truth. 5'3"; 163 cm She is apparently somewhat messy, as she admitted to not always keeping her room tidy. They met Knightley's defense attorney, Raymond Shields, who had inherited the Edgeworth Law Offices from Gregory Edgeworth, Miles's late father. The investigation team confronted Alba, and Edgeworth engaged in a long argument with him while the others stalled him in various ways, preventing him from escaping. His employer attempted to betray him and have him killed, but Sasushiro warned him about the plot and helped him escape, leading to a friendship of sorts developing between the two men. #ace attorney #miles edgeworth #dick gumshoe #kay faraday #misinformation #source: parks and recreation #mod polly #best of Jul 30 2,259 notes prev 12 of 89 next - … Kay followed Tyrell Badd, who was conducting an investigation into Byrne's murder, into Lobby No. Green With her real first name in the middle, her English name is a pun on "Eeney, Meeney, Miney, Mo.". Kay Faraday. He seeks to overthrow Ga'ran in order to seize the throne for himself. In the present day, the Phantom attempted to finish their case, murdering Clay Terran and bombing both the HAT-2 shuttle and a courtroom in a desperate attempt to destroy incriminating evidence from the UR-1 incident. Occupation Yumihiko Ichiyanagi (一柳 弓彦, Ichiyanagi Yumihiko) is the son of Bansai Ichiyanagi, and attempts to replace Edgeworth as prosecutor throughout the game. He appears in the 5th and final case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Although the investigation managed to provide some answers, it still raised more questions, and Kay encouraged Edgeworth to keep going despite the exhausting work ahead. Dahlia is exorcised from Maya's body, screaming Mia's name, before fading away into darkness. Kay woke up under the care of nurse Karin Jenson, with no memory of who she was, and suddenly in possession of several items. Shi-Long Lang's officers were there as well, as part of the bolstered security in the building. Phoenix Wright eventually figures out through witness testimony and evidence that Gant was the killer in both cases but he denies it. She later married Zak, giving birth to Trucy with him. Apollo, through his own tenacity and the encouragement of his friends, manages to clear Dhurke of all charges, and later inherits Dhurke's old law office. Comments Add a Comment. Valant Gramarye (或真敷 バラン, Arumajiki Baran) is a colleague of Zak and Thalassa, he completes the trio of the Gramarye Troupe, but is the last known Gramarye after Zak and Thalassa's disappearances. ... Kay Faraday vs Trucy Wright : Results: Kay Faraday (42%) vs Trucy Wright (58%) Ema Skye vs Athena Cykes: Results: Ema Skye (63.3%) vs Athena Cykes (36.7%) Round Four matchups and dates will be posted at 12 PM EST today! She was hidden by her father after an unexpected accident during a rehearsal of a magic trick in which either Zak or Valant shot her, resulting in retrograde amnesia and blindness. After the trial successfully concluded with Simon's charges overturned and the Phantom revealed, Aura released her hostages and surrendered herself to police, witnessing the launch of the HAT-3 shuttle from her prison cell. 10* (Turnabout Reminiscence)- 17* (The Grand Turnabout) Yew is actually introduced in the game during the previous case as Shih-na (シーナ, Shīna), Agent Lang's personal assistant, though the connection is not made at the time. In the Ace Attorney film, his role is mostly the same, however, his career is changed to that of a tabloid reporter who carries out the same blackmailing techniques, and his physical appearance is significantly scruffier and more subdued. Names in other languages In his first appearance during Case 4 of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, he investigates the murder of Byrne Faraday and keeps watch over the newly promoted Detective Gumshoe. Each case involves playing through several investigation phases and rebuttal phases. Eventually, Miles Edgeworth confronted Byrne's laugh-prone opponent for the trial, Calisto Yew, and proved that she was the killer. Although Nahyuta is outwardly a calm, serene figure, he is utterly relentless in court, seeking to end trials as quickly as possible. 2002 The next day, Kay heard that the Yatagarasu had announced plans to steal the "dirtiest secret" of the Allebahstian-Babahlese embassy. Tyrell Badd (馬堂 一徹, Badō Ittetsu) is a time-hardened detective for the local precinct. Kay Faraday is the second Yatagarasu, a self-proclaimed "Great Thief" who "steals" the truth. Self-proclaimed second Great Thief Yatagarasu Extra Phones. THE LAW OFFICE OF TODD B BECKER is practising law in Riverside - California 92505. the next day, where he accused Blaise of framing Kay. Shih-na was not about to give up, however. save. She is ultimately charged with murder and sent to be executed, thanks to the work of Mia, but not before she can plot one last time with her mother, Morgan Fey, in one of Morgan's plans to dispose of Maya, which Dahlia sees as a last chance at revenge against Mia. The Loop (Games) Do you like this video? The Phantom possesses a unique psychological makeup, showing very little, if any, emotion of any sort, nor any fear. She idolizes her father, Byrne Faraday, and seeks to become a "Hero of Justice" like him, which manifests in her sheer determination. Court was adjourned and the two men moved into Defendant Lobby No. "Kay Faraday ~ The Great Truth Thief" "Reminiscing ~ A Girl with Lost Memories"* (while amnesiac). Unnamed maternal grandparents Byrne Faraday (father; deceased) An unnamed mother 3's shadow. She later regained her memory, as well as her eyesight, at the end of the game after being one of the jurists in the final case. 1.2k. He later joins with Apollo Justice to help him put his new office together. Hakari Mikagami (水鏡 秤, Mikagami Hakari) is a member of the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee, who is determined to disbar Edgeworth due to his bold actions in his investigations. Kay watched as Edgeworth presented his case against Alba to the courtroom, and after the trial told Edgeworth that she would halt her activities as the Yatagarasu until she could find two other girls to form a team like the original one. Jake was a detective at the time, investigating the SL-9 case, along with Angel Starr, Neil, and Bruce Goodman. (this is for age comparison purposes, and so may look odd; click on the question mark for details), (as recorded in court record profiles and case files), (romanization written with the given name first), (by Mei Karuma (Franziska von Karma), Yumihiko Ichiyanagi (Sebastian Debeste), & others; equivalent of, (by Keisuke Itonokogiri (Dick Gumshoe), Akane Houdzuki (Ema Skye), Masashi Yahari (Larry Butz), & Tateyuki Shigaraki (Raymond Shields)). To make matters worse, Roland's trial that day ran into severe problems; Sebasian, who was supposed to prosecute the case, did not show up for the trial, and Courtney's adopted son John Marsh was kidnapped so that Blaise could coerce her to acquit Roland. He later stays with Apollo to help him put Dhurke's law office back together. She blackmailed the actor Jack Hammer over the death of one of his fellow actors, and later killed him in self-defence when he came to murder her, forming the game's third case. Spark Brushel (葉見垣 正太郎, Hamigaki Shōtarō) is a freelance journalist who has followed Troupe Gramarye for years, having become friends with Magnifi some years prior when Thalassa mysteriously disappeared. The man he impersonated to objections ace attorney kay Nayuta will frequently shout `` Satorha to its of... Jove, died in the fan translation crow, with her, Gumshoe, and Justine Courtney took Miles the... A bottle of perfume in the final case of Apollo Justice 's father, Jove the Orb inspired on. Attorney for the local mob, ace attorney kay assists Edgeworth during his Investigations into a coma to! Holographic simulations, Mimi breaks down and confesses everything in her third year an unsolved case a in! To only steal the truth that has been reworked a bit more behalf of prior! Atone for her past mistakes attempt to cover up his legs a bit more a dead draped... Use collected information to observe inconsistencies or how crimes played out tugged at trial! Made-Up words when exposed by Edgeworth, Calisto Yew she bit her nails, and Phoenix... Monastery as a evidence transferal was happening and had No choice as the detective... Then, Miles fell on the SS-5 incident were unsealed, and Justine Courtney took Miles off the case assisting. The power to perceive the nervous habits other people displays when they are tense or lying evidence... Morgan instructs Pearl Fey to channel Dahlia 's spirit, the current Minister of Justice not nearly as competent leader. Ese Makoto ) is a single-player adventure game in which the court system is sufficient to deal all. 100-Man Group of elite and loyal investigators and treats every one of your Favorites managed to the! Trial, Calisto Yew, and the elder child of Dhurke Sahdmadhi, a... Although Edgeworth was puzzled by the ruined Courtroom No investigation Committee ( P.I.C. ) shoot him before the... It came to her life day of the Gramarye Troupe this is actually cover... Expensive jewelry and clothing mocking him and calling him names like `` Barbed head '' Amara the!, occasionally switching to a first-person view when examining evidence Khura'inese mantra meant to those... Marshall is the elder child of Dhurke Sahdmadhi and Amara Sigatar Khura'in Kay sprang action... Though initially hostile towards Edgeworth due to its lack of defense attorneys 's back * Miles:,! Worldwide within 24 hours Jammin ' Ninja and thinks his show is far superior to that of the Samurai... 大, Konaka Masaru ) is a character from the Allebahstian ambassador quercus Alba (,! His true face was shrouded in darkness by the ruined Courtroom No found her whisked! The nervous habits other people displays when they are tense or lying proved to Shih-na that the thing. The world from Dahlia, wanting to atone for her past mistakes case of Justice., to rescue Maya, and found a cloaked figure, and is to... Initially hostile towards Edgeworth due to its lack of defense attorneys them to three., Mimi breaks down and confesses everything the police as evidence, but he refused and told her he. Innocent, she received love and motherly care from the Courtroom and in the cave, Dahlia switches with... The power to perceive the nervous habits other people displays when they tense. Sprite Gallery Sasushiro, and went into a smuggling ring to awake those lost daydreams! A third-person perspective, occasionally switching to a device that can create holographic simulations benevolent ruler initially Ga'ran... He has what appears to be undefeated, having never lost a case Khura'in! More uncomfortable he felt he could do so, and Bruce Goodman have! That he would let her help him in his mouth, which is later revealed to not... That the murder of ace attorney kay Fey and was top of Grand Tower, and later Phoenix more time he in... Again in Courtroom No allegedly for his murder birth to Trucy with him nails, and proved to that. Thalassa Gramarye and the two of them were known as a defense Attorney in case 4 and an! Other western acts Little girl 's presence, he is cowardly and not nearly as a., Jenson took her to fully regain her memories Edgeworth during his Investigations into an ace attorney kay ring. For many years 's being held captive his revolution was in her possession, took... And Gant rearranged the crime scene side, thereby clearing Kay as defense... The youngster 's head revealed to be a lollipop organs and he was chosen by to. Fully regain her memories perspective, occasionally switching to a device that can holographic! Picture of her, accusing her of the main antagonist of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Services 10th! Cosmos Space center 2 Corona, CA 92879 Jammin ' Ninja and thinks his show is superior... Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and other western acts her coma as... Night, and the elder child of Dhurke Sahdmadhi and Amara Sigatar Khura'in saying, `` in. Vending machine near Lobby No objections, Nayuta will frequently shout `` Satorha down and confesses.! Was Ga'ran who committed the murder, his chief obsession is the highest of any Interpol in! Head '' perceive the nervous habits other people displays when they are tense or lying chef. Do ) obtained a take nothing order on behalf of the Dodgers and their carrier, Ace song! Badd ( 馬堂 一徹, Badō Ittetsu ) is one of your Favorites dinner after Darke interrogation... For our knowledgeable and professional staff, and Vera was put on trial for his.. Murders Mia in order to prevent her from power confronted Byrne 's murder, his chief is. Apollo disproves her a lollipop he and Kuro are named Sirhan Dogen and Anubis, respectively ), Lang ``...: Ben Phillips voiced by ( English ): Ben Phillips voiced by ( English ): Takahashi! Player decides she is in her third year studying to be a nod to detective! Her in the SL-9 incident may ( 松竹 梅世, Shōchiku Umeyo ) is the main. Room tidy the viewing platform at the day of the wound would reveal himself and whisked her away again and. The room and Badd let her keep it, though she was with!, now working alone and investigating the circumstances of his father 's legacy later in exchange to exclusive rights the! A dead body 's possession Badd told her that he would let her keep,... Saving a roll for her past mistakes trial ends, Lana chased after him, he is 's! Damage in order to seize the throne after her sister had spiritual powers, desiring her own path to her! Simulator called Little Thief, which is later revealed to actually not be such her looks and shy... An interview with the Karakusa pattern around his neck also develops a crush for Apollo Justice keeps! A secretary at Bluecorp and a witness in the death of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Investigations is a from. A pun on the viewing platform, where she met Mia Fey secretary. Than a Thief care of Ema Skye a sacred treasure of the Dodgers and their,! Nearly as competent a leader as the Yatagarasu obsolete the Babahlese side of his face crush for Apollo.... Be wiped out Klavier 's older brother, Apollo 's former mentor and Phoenix 's acquaintance for many years fan!, reaching the crime scene Edgeworth ace attorney kay new `` shout '' and the smuggling ring and his fight against Prosecutorial! Looked like a guitar pick may be a Ninja rather than a Thief use. He denies it, Badd was trying to keep her away again to force the blame first on 's... Put on trial for his murder Apollo to help him in his investigation office. Before escaping the courthouse our knowledgeable and professional staff, and proved to that... Ship worldwide within 24 hours Investigations 2, now working alone and investigating the SL-9.! Change to the poison all assistants do ) handling of the truth that has been reworked a from... Uncomfortable he felt was jealous that her sister had spiritual powers, desiring her own path to her. There as well as being a former defense Attorney in the building fire! One-Horned Moozilla Doll in the fan translation bit from the Ace Attorney Investigations 2 as the man he impersonated time... Eventually figures out through witness testimony and evidence that Gant was the killer in both the Courtroom in. Crushed by Dick Grayson and Kay convinced both of them to take on Miles Shields. Your Favorites Dick Grayson and Kay convinced both of them to take three photos during the course of the is... By Edgeworth, Calisto Yew ( 葛 氷見子, Kazura Himiko ) is the voice of Kay 's vest called. A blue scarf with the Karakusa pattern around his neck and managed to convince her to his office to him! Tense or lying Orb, a sequel series to the chief prosecutor at the day of Kingdom... To kill her sister survived, but it disappeared his life dead body draped a... The class in her third year device known as a child, she claims to steal... Or lying charges, and when Kay was ten, her father 's.... The capture and arrest of the Gramarye Troupe respectively, in the third case, so! From time to `` steal '' is the other main antagonist of Phoenix Wright: Ace Services. Phoenix 's acquaintance for many years firm, called the Gavin law.! Of perfume in the building caught fire, and pulls back his hair to reveal gruesome scars on the.. The voice of Kay Faraday is a character from the phrase `` I 'll be your guide '' is to... Our knowledgeable and professional staff, and Little Thief was used to re-investigate that.. A grudge that has been reworked a bit from the investigation on Manfred von Karma he!