Use instead of plain honey in savory baked goods like breads or crackers. Peel as many cloves as it takes to fill the jar you are working with. fine sea salt; 1/2 organic yellow onion; 5 cloves organic garlic Remove the fins of the taʻape using kitchen shears. Place the fermented honey and garlic cloves into the refrigerator until ready to use. If you DO strain it, try dehydrating those solids for a bit of homemade seasoning powder. Now that you have your jar of honey-fermented garlic going, you can add honey or individual cloves to it as each gets low. Making a Louisiana Style Hot Sauce . Garlic added to any dish adds a strong, pungent flavor, especially when raw. You can enhance the flavor by adding garlic as per your taste. Here are a few of my favourite hot sauces.