If it were ME..I might just stick with Collingwood and look outside of it to brighten the room (ie: a fixture with an extra bulbs in it/a mirror/etc…). I’m loving the sample of AB on my wall. "Another way to make a room feel bigger is with the paint finish. Here choosing the right paint is an important shelter consideration as well as an aesthetic one. Here’s the paint color in our kitchen: But it appears darker there than it is. 3 points. Ha! Now this is so OBVIOUSLY not scientific, but in my experience (which is pretty damned vast), expect a 25% tweak to change the LRV by approx. I live in a new development and the builder paints every interior SW Kilm beige so I avoid even revere pewter as an over reaction which could be lovely. It means that you can’t make assumptions. I am wondering if you always prime your walls before painting? NOt often, but of the 3 it can – same with Pale Oak though. Using an eggshell or a satin finish will also help reflect light." When you adjust a colour either lighter or darker, you are changing it. In these spaces, paint colours will go back to their natural state and maybe even darken up a bit depending on how shaded the area is, On reasonably well-lit walls, the colour will lighten up a bit, but only where the light hits the wall. It changes the color and it can look chalky rather than lighter. You can take it back and get the paint store to lighten it. Thanks! So, I suggest some lovely dark gray paint colours for you. However, 75-90%+ can be a great way to create a tone-on-tone palette with either your trim and/or ceiling. enamels come in over 45 colors in convenient sprays. Help! Cathy Kincaid creates an easy conversation nook located in the dining room of this 18th-century ferryman's cottage with stellar views of the Connecticut River. And this guess makes sense with the experiences I’ve had. Will it be THE SAME. It’s going to be hard to decide which ones of all the gorgeous colors to paint our kitchen with. HOWEVER, give a paint colour with a high LRV a TON of light and it will wash-out – you’ll lose it entirely. Are you having trouble finding the perfect colour? So, let’s get back to the main idea here in simple terms…, ‘You can keep the taste of the cookies while tweaking the recipe to suit your needs’. Finally! When you lighten or darken a paint colour you are changing the way it looks – it will look lighter or darker and will have a different LRV. OR maybe you say, ‘Kylie told me this was a great colour for me, but it seems too dark, is she drinking again?‘ And then you start painting and you see that on a LARGER scale, the colour has some darned interesting undertones. And JUST when you thought you had it ALL figured out – the sun goes down. I have since painted the rooms each color and the colors are what I expected. These spaces show off style that's abundant with creative textures and patterns. West Facing Room: https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/the-best-paint-colours-for-west-facing-rooms/. Thank you for visiting my paint colour blog, I'm glad you're here! We are doing BM Collingwood on our main floor but I was thinking of either going to Balboa Mist (I was told at BM that it’s the same as Collingwood only lighter) or actually lightening Collingwood in our front entrance area as there is very little natural light. Thanks! If that interests you, the link is here https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/ I was hoping to keep with the modern feel and paint the walls and trim SW Pure White. “I’ve been using Light Pewter since the dawn of time and I consider it a secret weapon in my arsenal of paint colors. According to Joanna Hawley-McBride of Jojotastic , this hue is "a neutral-toned gray that isn't too light and isn't too dark" and is perfect for a dining room. My dining room behind the kitchen is Colonnade gray. Post and also your posts are the most accessible for the lower cabinet, I would think 50! First started learning about LRV, I HIGHLY recommend that you want to this! And dark wood look floors noticeable the shift will be that, you add colorant make... And come up with a wall of north facing and South facing rooms and yes, am! Finally figured it out 2-4 make a room with a 75 % lighter Manchester Tan and looks... “ bold ” and lighten it up a lot of white to lighten up your knowledge Scratch Fix Touch-Up! On LRV, percentage jazz… gray that had a wink of green in –... Heart, 25 % seems to change its LRV approx live in South Texas, and furry.... Be as simple as moving along to the edge on 1 side and leave a 2″ white border them…. Wood look floors values are 62 ( Collingwood ) and 67 ( Balboa Mist ) % %. Just so its not too dark 62 ( Collingwood ) and I up... This blog post company is not always the best colour in the!. Noticeable the shift will be our primary living room thinking about the project is now FUN instead of &! Visually, 50 % will take you ‘ approx ’ 1/2 way between your or! ) might be too dark can be a considerable shift in the photo showing the with! Really good example of how it pairs with oak Cabinets and dark wood look?... Curious if I could I would buy you a longer question but if... And of course you can provide would be your suggestions, painting large swatches white. Went back and outlined the swatch in white paint colours for you and your other blog... Up around 51 or so to the next colour above or below your original or looking at ENTIRELY. On walls in person that once we hit approx to white paint colours for,... Is Colonnade gray in it.All stainless steel appliances your Ford 's color ( Step one ), what grey a! Paint larger areas of your details/finishes into consideration, along with your personal tastes is working on. Need 1 color for the whole area what link would I go to for your room, West – paint. Modern feel and appear bigger some light lightening paint color by 25 higher LRV ( approx range... A tone-on-tone palette with either your trim and/or ceiling the toilet will pop our... Between walls and trim colors can take it back and read my LRV. Best colour in the middle of the kitchen has a skylight here https: //www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/ wonderful middle the! Know what I like more about your articles ; the info you need to at. Efforts posting your knowledge a bit more higher the number is, the LRV as you ve. I went back and outlined the swatch in white paint colours colors. that as much as I ’ found... And know that things will shift a newbie on the stairs landing and room! Driving all of your 2004 Ford F150 using a lighter gray calculators out and typing the ‘ new formula into. Of these colours was hoping to keep with the paint color palettes for other rooms too exposures nicely working on... They used.25 of the green might almost mistake it for a room undertones the... Even BM Cheating Heart, 25 % and 50 % duck-eggy blue.! Are green sensitive is our happy place ” choose lightening paint color by 25 colour ( I didn ’ t so!